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Prolong the life of the finish of your new WT. Foster Guitars instrument, we highly recommend that after each use the entire instrument, including the strings, be wiped thoroughly with a soft, clean, dry cloth. We recommend quality Guitar Cleaner and/or Guitar Polish for all Foster guitars with our normal acrylic or polyester finish. However, because most quality Guitar Polish are NOT safe or recommended for Nitro finish, a quality furniture polish or a product that states safe for use on Nitrocellulose finishes can be used to polish your Nitro finished Foster guitar.

Please note, if your guitar has our nitro finish, we advise not hanging or setting the guitar in a guitar stand or hanger outfitted with synthetic or surgical tube cradles protection. Doing this may cause a chemical reaction with the nitrocellulose finish on the neck or the body which could cause the finish to distort. Nitrocellulose is also prone to chemically react when exposure to leather straps and other synthetic materials. Do not store your nitro-finished guitar with your leather strap attached as this could cause finish damage. This damage will not be covered under the WT. Foster Guitars Limited Lifetime Warranty.

For the cleaning and conditioning of a rosewood fretboard, we recommend the use of a quality Fretboard Conditioner, linseed oil preferably. This will also clean tarnished frets as well as dirt built up on your fretboard delicate use of a toothbrush helps to remove finger snot from around the frets. After the conditioner is applied, thoroughly wipe down the fret board to remove any excess conditioner then wipe all other surfaces with a soft, clean, dry cloth.

Dirty, corroded or worn strings will cause loss of tonal frequencies and may result in faulty intonation and tuning instability. Fresh strings will not only improve the overall tone of the instrument, but it will also make the instrument more enjoyable to play. WT. Foster Guitars uses Dean Markley Blue Steel (10-46) string on all our models they are an excellent high quality string we highly recommend useing Dean Markley string for your replacement choice.

Please remember that your WT. Foster Guitars instrument is temperature and humidity sensitive. Do not expose your new instrument to extreme temperature or humidity changes as it could damage your instrument,

Note: This damage will not be covered under our lifetime warranty