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It's our honor of announcing Agony’s first release with Spectra Music Group. their single Falling In Reverse is out now , Check the AITG link on this page

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Agony in the Garden.

featuring artist Mack Perry

wt. Foster Guitars is proud to announce the addition of Mack Perry from AITG to our Line up of artist. Mack will be featured in wt. Foster Guitars tutorial and product demo videos. Please welcome Mack to the Foster Guitars family.

Mack Perry - Founder, Vocalist, Guitarist, Songwriter, Composer, covering all instrumentation for compositional and recording purposes. Agony’s music was introduced to the world in April of 2013, taking the music community by storm. Proving to be an unmovable force to be reckoned with. Fans worldwide are highly anticipating Agony‘s new EP release in the Spring of 2015. Just two months after releasing the single Wayward One Mack was signed with Sunny Dragon Records/Studios. In February 2014 becoming an independent artist. Premiering Agony's first EP in April of 2015. Agony’s music has received excellent reviews from tastemakers and critics the like. Unlike any Alternative Metal, Rock you will ever hear, join Mack in the garden for a bit of Agony.

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