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​​​​​WT. Foster Guitars was formed with a collaborative group of talented luthiers and designers headed up by Wayne Foster Master luthier, creating a small guitar company true to master luthiery while incorporating new progressive methods to produce truly inspiring guitars.  We are committed to using wood sources that meet the highest standards of responsible forestry practices.

After many designs and refinements, WT. Foster Guitars is introducing our first 2 models; the F5001 Standard and F8001 Deluxe Pro. The F5001 is made with a two-piece solid alder or ash body and a solid figured rock maple with rosewood fingerboard bolt-on neck. The F8001 is constructed with a solid mahogany body with two piece AAA quilted or flame maple cap, mahogany with rosewood fingerboard set-in neck. Both models have the highest quality hardware and electronics. Look for our exceptional guitars at one of our dealer or instrument stores near you. The F9001 Modern and F6001 Retro models as well as Foster Custom shop classics line are now in stock check out our order form             you can order your guitars with a variety of options.

WT. Foster Guitars will offer our legendary custom guitars and customizing of current models. (IE. Custom colors, pickups etc.)

 To request a quote for a custom guitar or general inquiries please email direct to wayne@wtfosterguitars.com or visit one of our dealers they will be more than happy to work with you to create your dream guitar and make it reality.

The WT. Foster Guitars Team