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WT. Foster Guitars  has been recognized as a builder of custom luthier built guitars catering to a very select group of professional musicians around the world.  We have heard time and again that the quality, craftsmanship and reliability of moderately priced electric guitars has been declining over the years and in response to this.  wt. Foster Guitars  have committed to manufacturing production guitars of the highest quality in finish and playability to the marketplace. Luthier Built by our talented and dedicated builders. wt. Foster Guitars electric guitars made in Canada from sustainable resources and high quality hardware. Our select models feature refined design, excellent playability, superior sonic depth and tonal characteristics in conjunction with Seymour Duncanand MJS Pickups™.  Please join us in the quest for that perfect instrument with unmatched tone . 

The cumulative luthiers of  wt. Foster Guitars have made guitars of the highest quality craftsmanship for Musicians in North America and Europe.Our goal is to provide our customers with a timeless instrument of the highest standards and playability.

wt. Foster Guitars is Proudly Canadian our instruments are made in Canada with ethically produced and sustainable wood products. Our quality and beautifully rich woods will entice your imagination. Both models are true solid body guitars the F8001 will have a weight relief option coming for those who prefer a lighter weight instrument.

wt. Foster guitars have been developing a line of production guitars. We have been performing product testing, market studies and refined our effort to produce our models. 2015 brings this hard work to the consumer. wt. Foster Guitars is proudly launching it's first production models, F5001STD and the F8001 Deluxe Pro. We hope you will play and love our beautiful instruments. Our first models play beautifully and will stand the test of time for the amateur or professional musician.  ​Spring of 2017 will bring all new models to wt. Foster Guitars the F9001 Modern the F6001 Retro, and the all new Foster custom shop classic and Classic lines. we will be introducing these model over our social networks and Via e-mail news letters so be sure to sign up for our news letter.

wt. Foster Guitars made in Canada

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